Recap (pics, words, video): Galactic, Black Joe Lewis, & more @ Wiggins Park

“Ain’t no party like a Galactic party,” Corey Glover mused during last night’s free show on the Camden Waterfront. While Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen played across the river in Philly (separate shows), Galactic (with Corey Glover and Corey Henry), Black Joe Lewis, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Mia Boarders, and 61 North were providing some free entertainment for a relatively modest crowd at Wiggins Park. The free show was not highly publicized and was as laid back as a concert can get these days, which was one of the many reasons it was so much fun.

This festival was what I can only imagine as the starkest contrast to the weekend’s Made in America Festival. There was minimal security and police presence, no disruptively drunk behavior, and beer was just $3. And while I imagine a 4-hour Springsteen party and a Pearl Jam party aided by Jay-Z are pretty good parties, I’m inclined to agree with Mr. Glover on the matter.

Below, check out a video of Galactic’s closing number, a cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil,” as well as photos of Galactic, Black Joe Lewis, and Royal Southern Brotherhood.

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