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Recap: The Lumineers “Not-So-Secret” show @ Johnny Brenda’s

Let me get a few negative thoughts out of the way quickly: The Lumineers are not as good as they are popular, they do not deserve Grammy recognition, and their debut album is quite catchy but overexposed (especially “Ho Hey”). That said, The Lumineers still put on an enjoyable live show. Last night, before playing a sold out show for more than 3,000 people at the Tower Theatre, they played a short, free show for less than 300 people at Johnny Brenda’s. Radio 104.5 put on the “Not-So-Secret” show and all tickets were given away in various contests. The crowd, needless to say, was pretty damn excited.

It’s been less than a year since The Lumineers last played at Johnny Brenda’s and a lot has changed since that late-April show. That show was at the very beginning of their meteoric rise and sold out just as “Ho Hey” was starting to make its way around the web and television commercials. Nine months later, the group has a couple of Grammy nominations and is selling out a venue more than ten times the size of JB’s.

Much to their credit, they seem to be having just as much fun on stage as they were last year despite what I’m sure has been an exhausting (yet rewarding) period in their lives. Last year, in reviewing that Johnny Brenda’s show, I wrote “The Lumineers clearly enjoy being on stage. They have that natural energy that is completely infectious and immediately spills into the crowd.” Regardless of how tired I am of their current batch of songs, those words stand as true as they did nine months ago.

The Lumineers @ Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA – Thursday, January 31, 2013
01 Flowers in Your Hair (video) (another video)
02 Submarines (video)
03 I Ain’t Nobody’s Problem (Sawmill Joe cover) (video)
04 Big Parade (video)
05 Ho Hey
06 Charlie Boy
07 Stubborn Love
08 Dead Sea

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  • Lalalucy

    Jeez so negative, why did you even go?

    • http://twitter.com/theswollenfox The Swollen Fox

      I think my review is fairly balanced, and I believe those are fair criticisms. It’s not (entirely) their fault that they’ve been overplayed, but it certainly affects how one enjoys their live show.

      As for why I went, it was free and I still, for the most part, enjoy the music.

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