Recap: Toy Soldiers @ Kung Fu Necktie (with Goodnight, Texas & August John Lutz II)

Photo by Sara Parker

We would like to thank everyone who came out to our showcase this past Friday night at Kung Fu Necktie, it was really awesome to see such a great turnout. A huge thanks also to the awesome staff at Kung Fu Necktie for helping it run smoothly, Sara Parker for the great photos you see above and below, and Cassandra Boyce for helping us out with pretty much everything.

And of course, we can’t thank the bands enough for being a part of the show and each doing such a great job. August John Lutz II, with help from Kyle Perella (his bandmate in Levee Drivers), never ceases to amaze me with his incredible voice and knack for storytelling. Goodnight, Texas blew me away with some new songs as well as their hit-worthy stories like “I’m Going to Work on Maggie’s Farm Forever” and “Jesse Got Trapped in a Coal Mine.” And Toy Soldiers followed with an extra-energy set that has me thinking they’re one of the best young bands in the country—especially when you put them on a stage.

Thank you again for coming (and if you didn’t, we’re sorry you made such a poor decision), we hope you had a great time. Check out some photos and setlists below.

All photos above by Sara Parker

Goodnight, Texas @ Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA – February 15, 2013
01 Submarines
02 Meet Me by the Smokestack
03 Maggie’s Farm
04 Plan of Attack
05 Jesse Got Trapped in a Coal Mine
06 Old St. John
07 New song
08 New song (“Hello Nebraska”)
09 New song (“I Killed Robert Johnson”)
10 Car Parts and Linens
11 Railroad

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  • Sara

    “and if you didn’t, we’re sorry you made such a poor decision” – very well put, what a fun show! ~Sara