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Stream: Eels – “New Alphabet”

Here’s taste #2 of the upcoming Eels album, Wonderful, Glorious. Spinner has premiered a song called “New Alphabet,” which you can stream below.

Eels will play at World Cafe Live on Saturday, March 2nd; tickets are available here. Listen to another new song, “Peach Blossom,” here and pre-order the new album here.

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  • Xqwizet

    Its good to know that even when you are in such a dark, dense, unchartered place in your life and you feel like you may be REALLY about to go over the edge that maybe someone else HAS felt something similar! I don’t believe in coincidenses. Never have. While driving home where for the last 10 months I’d spent most days in bed, I was cruising the radio noise to find something worth tolerating. I stopped because it was “dead air”. I then heard this baseline and got curious. I listened for the FIRST time to “New Alphabet”. No other time in my 40 yrs have I just stumbled onto a song the PRECISE moment it began. It felt like words spoken ONLY to me. I GOT IT. My words couldn’t describe where I was and a new alphabet was exactly what I too felt I needed. Thank you Eels. I went home and listened to it over and over. You have an immediate fan to a kind of music I have never listened to before, but is to the bone truth. I now need a song for the what’s next? :-)

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